Sweet Trends In Australia

Wether a classic from the ice cream van or something a little more finessed at home in the restaurant, something sweet to cool and refresh you is a must during summer in Australia.

Brick Toast

Continuing its expansion across the globe is the Japanese dish of Brick Toast, traditionally made by a buttering a large slab of white bread, before then cubing the removed centre of the bread and reassembling after a variety of flavours have been added. Sydney has already seen popular haunts help to introduce brick toast to the masses, Valet 2166 having created their Bubble Milk Tea brick toast, as well as Old School Kafey getting in on the action with their Ferrero Rocher brick toast with Candy Floss creation.

For Charity

The disastrous wildfires which have marred the start of a new decade for Australia have also proven the inspiration behind many charitable efforts from the world of food and drink. On a nationwide scale, Gelatissimo have been donating a dollar from every scoop sold in their 48 stores, with funds raised being sent to Vinnie's Bushfire Appeal. Solotel Group have used their Chocolate Block dessert at Chophouse to raise funds, while Messina's own bushfire appeal provided donors with the opportunity to win golden tickets; winning a Messina Gelato Cake on their birthday and 366 scoops of ice cream.

Vermouth Lamington

A unique combination raising eyebrows is that of the Vermouth Lamington, which takes the popular chocolate sponge treat's coconut flavour and merges it with the trendy revival drink of Vermouth. Created by Sydney's Banksii, the sponge is soaked in the house rose, layered with pineapple jam and then coated in chocolate; rolled in macadamia nuts for a finishing touch.

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