Sydney's Souffle Pancakes On The Rise

We are familiar with celebrating Pancake Day, the classic mix of lemon juice and sugar a favourite, but many this year have branched out into new worlds, including the increasingly popular Japanese creation; Soufflé Pancakes.

For those lucky enough to live in Sydney, they will have been able to sample these fluffy delights at the brand new opening of Gram Café, founded in 2014 by Takeshi Takata and now bringing these sky scraping pancakes to an audience down under.

Though 60 stores already exist across Asia, US and Canada, this is the first to open in Australia and has already set Instagram alight with the aesthetically pleasing looks of these batter giants.

Much like the soufflé pancakes themselves, standards are extremely high in the kitchen of Takata, meaning that the Australian staff were trained in person at their Osaka birthplace. To achieve these amazing creations, batter is whipped up with plenty of egg whites, steamed and then cooked until golden on the outside and still fluffy inside.

For those visiting Gram Café, there are a total of eight flavours to sample, which feature the likes of matcha, tiramisu, caramelised banana and honey apple with Earl Grey cream.

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