Takeaway Bakery

With many supermarket shelves empty of bread, independent bakeries are responding to public demand for the traditional daily load. It is not just bread either, as cakes, doughnuts, biscuits and pastries remain as popular as ever.

The Simple Loaf

Bread has taken on a special significance during this time of crisis, with artisan bakeries busier than ever, filling the gap left by major retailers; exposing a whole new client base to the delights of handcrafted bread.

Swedish Bun Fight

Classic pastries seem to be the watchword when it comes to the selections on offer during the COVID-19 crisis. The Swedish bun is all over the takeaway menus, partly because they are robust and survive the rigours of transportation.

Easter Bunnies

As Easter arrives, bakeries have switched their offers to include some seasonal items, with the hot cross bun surfacing in the last couple of weeks across the globe to offer a touch of normality; even seeing a fusion with the classic croissant in Sydney's Textbook Patisserie.

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