Tandoor Chef upgrades app to add more pairing options

Tandoor Chef, nationally recognized as the number 1 frozen Indian cuisine brand in the USA, has announced that they will be expanding their recently launched mobile wine pairing web application. Originally launched in March of this year, consumers are able to use their iPhone or Android phone to access the mobile web application, enhancing their dining experience. The smart tool was designed to help consumers pair wine with traditional Indian cuisine including Tandoor Chef's entree and appetizers, the upgrade will now add an array of beers to the list of pairings.

For the average consumer, pairing Indian cuisine with wine or beer can be a challenge, due to the variety of spices used in flavouring. However, if paired correctly, a glass of wine or
beer can complement and enhance the flavourful spices of many traditional Indian dishes. As a pairing expert with Indian cuisine, Tandoor Chef now offers this skill to beer fans as well.

"We saw a great response to the wine pairing application back in March, it made it easy for consumers to know exactly what would enhance their Indian cuisine choices," said Tandoor Chef Vice President of Sales and Marketing Mike Ryan, "however, not all consumers are wine drinkers. For many Indian cuisine fans, a beer is preferred over a glass of wine; we knew we wanted to cater to these consumers as well."

The upgraded Tandoor Chef Wine Pairing Web App breaks down beer options into eight different sub categories and gives consumer the perfect dish to pair with that specific type of beer.

"A strong lager such as a German Bock pairs best with Chicken Samosa and a light ale complements Vegetable Pad Thai," Ryan continued. "Beer lovers will now realize that a certain beer can make all the difference in the flavours of a specific Indian dish."

The upgraded mobile web app will continue with the original dual functionality helping users find their desired pairings. Options are available to choose the Tandoor Chef cuisine or the wine or beer you have at home. Once chosen, clicking on the appropriate link will bring the user to a new page displaying the best match. Visit TC Pairing.com to test the app and create the matches that best fits you, whether you prefer wine or beer.