Tea Forte's Chakra Chai Teas Collection

Tea Forté meets traditional Chai tea with Chakra, a collection of exotic, spicy, organic tea blends. Comforting and distinctively delicious, Masala Chai is an Indian tradition that has evolved into a go-to wellness beverage for tea lovers worldwide. Tea Forté's expert tea blenders have added new notes to the traditional spice bouquet to give a new spin to this well-loved ritual.

"Tea Forte's first collection of all-chai teas, our Chakra Collection was designed with the ritual tea drinker in mind," says Tea Forté CEO Michael Gebrael. "Chai has the unique effect of being simultaneously energising and grounding, which makes it an ideal tea for focused wellness practices such as yoga, barre and Pilates."

The tea and spices of Chai encourage well-being, mental clarity and pure enjoyment. Hot, steamed, iced or blended – Chai lattés can be made with any milk of choice, sweetened to taste. Kosher, gluten-free and vegan Chakra Blends include:

MATÉ MANTRA CHAI - Energising yet rooted. Enhanced with top notes of cocoa and spice.

VANILLA VEDA CHAI - A dessert-worthy chai with classic spices and warming vanilla.

GINGER GURU CHAI - A ginger-forward blend that's fruity, sweet and pleasantly spicy.

ROOIBOS RAJA CHAI - A unique, caffeine-free red chai with apple and pink pepper.

TURMERIC TANTRA CHAI - An exotic, soothing blend of lively Indian spices and liquorice.

We covered Chai on drinkswatching back in 2016 when the drink was really starting to hit the mainstream - read the report and how Chai fitted into our food & drink trends back then, here. Not yet a trendhub subscriber? Then get in touch today.

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