Technology & The Future of Food

Technology continues to evolve rapidly to accommodate the demands we place upon the supply chain of food, but it is how this may begin to alter the very consumption and experience of dining which looks poised to grow further still.


One of the most exciting fields of development within the food industry, blockchain technology could have a great impact upon the security of supply chains, helping to protect those at both the point of production and consumption, ensuring that purchased goods are irrefutably from their stated source and contain no hidden ingredients.

Tailored Diets

With an ever expanding network of devices and applications capable of tracking our every movement and intake of food, the possibility of tailor-made diets are looking more accessible to the many than ever before. From the nutrients you are missing out upon to the very timing of your meals, such technology would require little to merge with the everyday routines we already track, after which a diet capable of improving general well ness or ditching bad habits could be generated easily.


A great effort is being placed into refining the ability of robotics to produce restaurant quality dishes, using the same techniques as chefs, from a library of taught meals. Such technology would allow for enhanced speed, monitoring of ingredients during cooking and the ability to tweak every dish to the exact specifications of diners; perhaps even communicating with very apps already tracking your diet.

3D Printing

For some, the interest in 3D printing seemed to pass by the world of cuisine, though this is certainly not the case for those who are looking upon such printers as a way to produce favourites like pizza burgers. The benefits of utilising this as a cooking technique vary from increasing the speed at which complex dishes can be assembled to the improved capability of replicating dishes perfectly each time.

These are just some key areas in which great advances are anticipated in the near future. For further insight, visit the thefoodpeople trends hub to ensure you do not miss out on the latest news.