Ted's Montana Grill joins Greener Fields Together

Ted's Montana Grill has become the first national restaurant concept to partner with Greener Fields Together™, the groundbreaking sustainability and local produce program. Greener Fields Together, created by PRO*ACT, is dedicated to working with foodservice and retail operators to achieve their sustainability goals.

Ted's Montana Grill has partnered with Greener Fields Together to further their continued commitment to pro-environment strategies. As sustainability mavericks, Ted's has led the
efforts to "green" the restaurant industry over the past 10 years and continues to move forward with other initiatives in 2013. In addition to the Greener Fields Together partnership, Ted's has recently converted to a new 100% tree-free paper made from sugarcane, and has also offset a portion of their annual water footprint by restoring significant water flow to the Upper Yampa River in Steamboat Springs, Colo., as part of a freshwater ecosystem restoration project.

George W. McKerrow, CEO of Ted's and co-founder of the 44-unit restaurant company with Ted Turner, says of the partnership: "A big initiative for us this year is our association with
PRO*ACT and Greener Fields Together. It will enable us to move through the country in different growing cycles and to purchase local, sustainably grown, in-season vegetables through our local PRO*ACT distributor. We'll be able to reduce our impact on the roads by not hauling produce all over the country, and we'll be spending more of our money within our local communities."

"We're thrilled to partner with Ted's Montana Grill, which was founded on the concept of
sustainability," says Max Yeater, PRO*ACT President. "They have taken a comprehensive approach to addressing good environmental practices throughout their business."

"Ted's Montana Grill's commitment to sustainability is authentic; from stewardship to procurement they think about the environment and community with every decision made," adds Kathleen Phillips, Supply Chain Sustainability Manager at PRO*ACT. "We look forward to achieving our collective goal of giving Ted's Montana Grill's patrons fresh, local and sustainable produce."