Tesco and Sainsbury's Stick To HFSS Promotions Ban Despite Delays

Supermarket chains Tesco and Sainsbury's are both set to continue with the commitment to ban multi-buy promotions on HFSS products on their shelves despite the delays by Government.

The delay, the Government's response to the current cost of living crisis, has seen the ban from Government on multi-buys now made official law from October 2023, a year later than planned. Both supermarkets have announced that they will be sticking to the original October 2022 deadline.

HFSS refers to high in fat, salt or sugar; while the new legislation is set to provide for restrictions on the promotions and placement in retail stores and their online equivalents of certain foods and drinks classed as such. The restrictions prohibit the sale of volume promotions in store, which includes offers such as 50% extra free or buy one get one free.

According to the UK Government, the delay in introducing these restrictions will allow them to "review and monitor the impact of the restrictions on the cost of living in light of an unprecedented global economic situation".

tfp co-founder and director, Charles Banks commented: "It's great to see Tesco and Sainsbury's taking the lead with last week's news, despite the u-turn in Government legislation. It's a hugely positive move and will hopefully set a strong example to the rest of the industry."