Tesco to Start Selling Smaller Wine Bottles to Reduce Consumer Consumption

Supermarket retailer Tesco announced earlier this month that it will start selling smaller wine bottles to help customers control portions and cut down on waste.

A new 37 bottle range sees the first introduction ever of 50cl bottles for the retailer which contain approximately four glasses of wine, a 50% size reduction on the usual 75cl offering. The change comes in response to a more health-focused buying generation - the millennials. Data suggests alcohol consumption is decreasing in the UK, with Brits drinking, on average, one less alcoholic drink each week.

Tesco's Product Developer, Alexandra Runciman said: "We are currently seeing an increase in the number of shoppers wanting to enjoy a smaller amount of wine or a mid-week treat without having to purchase and potentially waste a full size bottle. Millennials in particular are generally more concerned about the quantity of alcohol that they drink and so we hope this new range will help them manage portion control.

"This new range of smaller wine bottles will also allow customers to cut down on waste by giving them the exact portions they want."

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