Tesco turns back time with launch of purple carrots

Tesco are selling a new variety of purple carrots in stores across the country. Harking back to the 17th century when carrots were usually purple or yellow, the Purple Bushytops are a brand new and unique variety of carrot which have been cultivated in Cambridgeshire to have a purple exterior with a vibrant orange centre.

Purple with flecks of orange, these carrots are sweet, do not require peeling and are at their best when roasted. The purple colouring provides additional health benefits, providing anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidants.

Grown by 23 year old twins Toby and Oliver, who are fourth generation farmers based in East Anglia and specialising in carrots and parsnips, these will be the first ever variety of The Purple Bushytop Carrots.

The Bushytop carrots are sold as a bunch and have their foliage attached. They are picked using a bespoke designed rig, which harvests, washes and packs the carrots in less than 60 seconds, meaning that they are amongst the freshest carrots on sale. Tesco are the only supermarket to sell these exciting new carrots, which are in store now for £1 a bag.

Tesco Produce buyer Emma Williams said:

“We are absolutely delighted to be selling Purple Bushytop carrots. They’re not only visually striking, but are incredibly tasty too- especially when roasted.

“These carrots are a fantastic example of how our perceptions have changed around what a carrot should look like. Originally purple in the 17th Century, we are bringing back a little bit of history”.

Produce Farmer Toby Bartlett said: ‘We're always looking for new and different varieties of carrots and thought that this variety could be something new and exciting to offer customers.

‘The carrots are packed in less than 60 seconds from being pulled from the ground, so they must be some of the freshest carrots you can buy’.

The Purple Bushytop Carrots are one of several new lines of British produce that the retailer will be championing this autumn. As British agriculture’s biggest customer, Tesco works directly with around 1,000 farmers across Scotland, England and Wales, as well as up to 500 local suppliers. Recently named as the number one retailer for English apples and pears- selling more than any other supermarket in 2013/14- Tesco is also sponsoring British Food Fortnight, an annual national celebration of British food and farming.

Source - Tesco plc