TFP Foundation Update

It's been a busy few months so we wanted to update you on the great work that Chefs in Schools have continued to do since our last update in March.

Through the TFP Foundation we remain fiercely committed to supporting the use of food as a force for good and we are delighted that our commitment to donate 1p in every £1 of revenue and your contributions has now raised £13,113 for Chefs in Schools since forming our partnership in November 2020.

We recently caught up with Polly who is Head of Development at Chefs in Schools who said…

'We are currently running a series of webinars to showcase the best of school food and the challenges that good school food can tackle.

Food wastes costs £250m to schools and colleges each year which is the equivalent of 22p per meal served. Just think of what could be achieved if that was invested back into school food. We support our chefs to run sustainable school kitchens and minimise food waste. A key part of this involves educating the kids and of course cooking delicious food that they won't want to throw away! Click here to find out more.

Now, more than ever, it's vital that we strengthen food education within schools, and equip the next generation with the skills, knowledge and ability to feed themselves well'.

Chefs in School's next free webinar is on 26th May at 3pm and will focus on food education, with school food experts talking through how to utilise every opportunity, from the dining room to the classroom, to educate young people about real food - click here to join and hear from a range of experts including their own Nicole Pisani.

Polly also introduced us to one of their school chefs: Charlie Gabriel, Head Chef at Stormont House School, a special needs secondary school in Hackney. Learn more about Charlie on our blog, who, prior to Chefs in Schools, worked at River Cottage.

How can you get involved?

Well, it couldn't be easier and... we'll give you an e-book in return for your donation! All you have to do is buy a copy of The Next Normal for £20 and we'll donate £19 directly to the TFP Foundation and Chefs in Schools, it's that easy.

If you'd rather just donate, you can do so via our just giving page Click Here!

We want to thank you for your support since launching the TFP Foundation, your donations from buying The Next Normal e-book and to those clients who have been in touch to offer direct support to Chefs in Schools – a huge thank you.

From all of us at thefoodpeople and Chefs in Schools, thank you for your support.