TFP Top 5 Christmas Ads 2020

There is little need to state the unique nature of this festive season, yet the array of seasonal advertising has adapted to the reality of life under a pandemic, providing the new angle on festive cheer that we can still look to enjoy in 2020.

Though there were plenty of strong contenders, we have picked our Top 5 Christmas Ads of 2020, so settle down with a mince pie and indulge in some seasonal joy.

#giveyourkitchenabreak (Metro)

The year has been extremely difficult for our own industry, with Metro choosing to shine a light on the matter with this year's campaign.

"Christmas is the season of happiness. #GiveYourKitchenABreak and order this year's Christmas menu at a restaurant near you. By doing so, you not only treat yourself, but support gastronomy after this hard year."

Take Care of Yourself (Doc Morris)

One which took social media by storm during December, there is no denying the 'feel good' nature of this work from Doc Morris, with an ending well worth waiting for.

#TescoNoNaughtyList (Tesco)

Playing with the tradition of the 'naughty and nice list' saw Tesco raise plenty of smiles with this lighthearted ad.

"After a year like this, we believe there is no naughty list. So go on Britain, treat yourself to the best Christmas ever."

Giving more this Christmas (Papa John's)

A simple video with a simple video, helping to raise awareness of funds for charities across the UK.

"Christmas is for giving. So this year we've taken a 'DIY' approach to our Christmas ad and are giving the money we've saved directly to our charity partners, Crisis and The Trussell Trust, to help them tackle homelessness and hunger in the UK."

The Magic of Small Things (Not On The High Street)

A contrast to the big name brands or household names is this advert from Not On The High Street, seeking to support the diverse spectrum of small independent businesses which are facing a difficult time of year.

"Excited faces, thoughtful gifts, cosy new PJs… it's the small touches that make Christmas magical. Find unique present ideas and festive magic from the UK's best small creative businesses."

Some other noteworthy videos include the Gravy Song from Sainsburys, the much anticipated Coca-Cola advert and The Show Must Go On by Amazon.

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