The 50 Next Awards 2022 Are Announced

The second edition of the 50 Next, part of the World's 50 Best Awards, was revealed in Bilbao, Spain, today listing 50 game-changers in gastronomy. Those identified within the prestigious list are chosen from more than 400 candidates across seven categories, featuring individuals between 22-37 years old from six continents across the globe.

The seven categories are Empowering Educators, Entrepreneurial Creatives, Gamechanging Producers, Hospitality Pioneers, Science Innovators, Tech Disruptors and Trailblazing Activists.

To give you some insight into the profiles selected within the list, we've chosen one from each category and profiled them and their work.

Empowering Educators - those on a mission to change the way we think about their cultures' food
Li Jun Loh - 29, Kuala Lumpur. This Malaysian engineer turned cook and food writer is enriching our knowledge of Asian cuisines through a popular podcast, blog and social media content.

Entrepreneurial Creatives - for those "eschewing profit in favour of progress, the Entrepreneurial Creatives are using their business acumen to affect lives with positivity, fairness and equality."
Caroline Cotto - 29, USA. The COO of Renewal Mill, a company driving sustainability through upcycled ingredients and plant-based treats, Caroline is an entrepreneur taking food sustainability into her own hands.

Gamechanging Producers - for those breaking barriers to get food onto plates, while helping the environment in the process
Corrado Paterno Castello - 30, Spain. This Italian entrepreneur is championing sustainable small producers through his health food shop, Boniviri, focused on supporting farmers, developing eco-friendly products and having zero CO2 emissions.

Hospitality Pioneers - for those under-35s at the forefront of change, driving innovation across the hospitality sector
Javier Rivero Yarza - 31, Spain. Javier is a Basque restaurenteur putting small farmers front and centre at his own place, Amataberna.

Science Innovators - for those changing the game in the kitchen, this cohort of scientists have also set their minds to solving social and economic problems worldwide
Asrar Damdam - 29, Saudi Arabia. Asrar is a Saudi Arabian scientist working hard on extending the shelf life of fresh goods with cutting edge technology. Also the founder and CEO of Uvera Inc.

Tech Disruptors - a group of young people shaking up the future with systems and solutions that fix age-old problems with fresh perspectives and original thought
Daniella Kwayu - 31, Tanzania. Daniella is an economist empowering farmers across Africa through the work of her company Phema Agri, de-risking and strengthening agriculture value chains in Africa.

Trailblazing Activists - for those society shapers pushing for equality, diversity and positive action in gastronomy
Nidhi Pant - 29, Mumbai. Nidhi is a cimmunity-minded scientist training women in sustainable agriculture. Co-Founder of Science For Society - S4S Technologies, she works at the intersection of agriculture, gender, energy access and financial inclusion.

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