The Cost Of Living Crisis - foodwatching Report

The ongoing cost of living crisis continues to have an impact on all areas of daily life, including the continued change on how we look to feed ourselves. We breakdown the topic in a special foodwatching report and have outlined three key takeouts below to give you a taster for the full report which can be accessed by tfp trendhub subscribers.

In this report we have summarised the reoccurring themes that we (and you) have seen that are affecting, and being affected by, the cost of living crisis. These are major topics, products and movements that are, and will be, changing as we come to grips with the next challenge of how we feed ourselves.

The idea behind this additional foodwatching summary is that it should help you start to manage the changes that will be coming at us during this financial squeeze. Key themes and trends explored include Cheap Eats, Energy Saving, Dining In - Staying Out, Cooking Skills and more.

The cost of living crisis has had a huge impact on the cost of food. Here are the top three take out from our new report that looks in detail at what's happening in this most recent instalment of the global permacrisis.

1. Cutting back – With more pressure than ever on our money, consumers and hospitality owners are making tough choices. People are cutting back on fresh vegetables, meat and fish - being replaced by pulses, Spam and frozen food. Pubs and restaurants are also reducing their opening hours, with some contemplating closing for a winter hibernation.

2. Helping hands – From celebrity chefs to multinational retailers – help is on hand. Discounts, free meals, recipes tips and community supermarkets – we don't have to go through the big squeeze alone.

3. Passive cooking – The increasing price of energy has led to new techniques in the kitchen that aim to use less power as we cook. Passive cooking uses the residual heat in pans and ovens to continue cooking long after the power is turned off. For example, cooking dried pasta with only 2 minutes of boiling and 15 minutes resting in the hot water.

Subscribers can read the full report here, while those interested in finding out how to subscribe should get in touch using the details below.