The Curious Creamery Kicks Off Summer Season With New Alcoholic Ice Cream Mixes

To celebrate the return of BBQ weather, poolside hangouts, and frozen summer treats, The Curious Creamery has launched a brand new line of ice cream mixes, this time with liquor enthusiasts in mind. Our new line, The Boozy Creamery, provides a revolutionary way to make alcoholic ice cream at home, no ice cream machine required!

With our Boozy Creamery ice cream mixes, as recently featured in Food & Wine, you no longer have to choose between your nightcap and your night snack. Simply pour our mix into a bowl, add your choice of milk, water, or other liquid, then one ounce of your liquor of choice. Blend and freeze overnight, and your tasty treat will be ready by morning.

Some product highlights include:

  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup and No Trans Fat
  • No Artificial flavours, Colors or Preservatives.
  • Naturally Gluten Free. 0g Lactose.
  • Easy prep & clean-up, only takes about 5 minutes!

The Boozy Creamery is introducing the new line with five amazing cocktail inspired flavours: Mint Mojito, Margarita, Irish Mudslide, White Russian, and Piña Colada. We're giving you a million reasons to enjoy the season while indulging in the boozier things in life.

About The Curious Creamery
The Curious Creamery lets dessert lovers unleash their sweet inhibitions by creating ice cream flavours and varieties exactly the way they want – no ice cream machine required. Whether it's sinfully decadent taste or a better-for-you blend, The Curious Creamery Ice Cream Mixes and Ice Cream Cake Mixes give you the freedom to create a frozen dessert experience that's uniquely yours. An environmentally responsible company, The Curious Creamery uses no artificial ingredients and never any added colours, flavours or additives in its products.

To find out more about The Curious Creamery and its products, visit the website.