The Dream Team - Patty & Bun and Shake Shack

The creation of DIY food Kits from many of the nation's most popular outlets has allowed us to continue indulging in familiar treats, despite still living under the restrictions of a pandemic. We soon saw the demand for burger kits in particular rocket, equipping fans with everything they needed to replicate their favourite incarnation of the timeless combination of meat, cheese, sauce and any other trademark touches.

Patty & Bun were first to set the ball rolling amongst the industry with their signature kit, but have now gone a step further a teamed up with rivals Shake Shack; could this be the ultimate DIY Burger Kit?

Included in the kits are:

  • Patty & Bun's signature beef blend in Shake Shack's 'Smashed' style patties
  • Shake Shack's classic potato buns
  • P&B's pickled cucumbers
  • American cheese
  • Shake Shack's caramelised onions, smoked cheddar mayo, ketchup and American yellow mustard

Joe Grossman, Patty & Bun, spoke of the announcement: "Ten years ago when I started on the Patty&Bun journey, one of my original points of inspiration was Shake Shack. I won't forget lining up in Madison Square Park and experiencing the Shack Burger, with the soft potato bun and that signature Pat LaFrieda beef blend … So, ten years on to be collaborating with the team at Shake Shack to create something very, very special that highlights and reflects the style and flavours of both brands is super exciting! One word ... PUMPED!"

Our very own Charles Banks, co-founder of thefoodpeople, said of the collaboration: "The 'Patty Shack DIY Kit' is a great example of the 'new era' in collaboration. This 2 week national LTO brings burger rivals Patty & Bun and Shake Shak together in an ambitious DIY Burger Delivery Kit, that combines the best of their respective unique styles of patty, sauces, cheese, buns and condiments. I can't wait to try it!"

The collaboration kits are available now, for only two weeks, and can be ordered here.