The FruitGuys Proclaim October 6th National Fruit At Work Day

The FruitGuys, the pioneer in the employee wellness movement that provides farm-fresh fruit to the American workplace, has recently announced the creation of National Fruit At Work Day for October 6, 2015. Offices nationwide will receive mini crates of fresh fruit from The FruitGuys to celebrate the importance of healthy snacking in the workplace and to honor the food that successfully fuels a busy day.

National Fruit at Work Day aims to change the way people think about snacking at work and to highlight an easy and healthy solution for employees. A recent national study of 200 businesses conducted by The FruitGuys revealed that 85% of employees want healthy snacks and beverages added to their office kitchen. Furthermore, according to a recent SHRM study*, 70 percent of U.S. employers currently offer a general wellness program, up from 58 percent in 2008. This increase shows that both businesses and employees are thinking more about health, and focused more on how they can bring better snack options into the workplace.

"Eating fruit at work improves mental clarity and increases energy as many fruits protect brain cells, improve memory and provide a natural energy source," said Chris Mittelstaedt, chief executive officer of The FruitGuys. "Despite the numerous benefits, many employees do not have easy access to fresh fruit at the workplace. The FruitGuys is launching National Fruit At Work Day to share the gift of farm-fresh fruit to show just how easy it is for employers to provide healthy snack options to their staff."

Incorporating better snacking options has become a necessity rather than a perk among today's workforce as more than 50 percent of one's daily food intake is at the office. As such, health and workplace wellness initiatives are becoming increasingly more important to businesses and employees.