The Gourmand - A Food and Culture Journal

A Gourmand is a person who takes pleasure and interest in food of all kinds and The Gourmand is a new food and culture journal that binds inspirational words, images and ideas with the humble and universal subject of food.

Based in London, The Gourmand is inspired not only by a true passion for food and dining but by the exciting influx of new restaurants, bars, cafe’s, stalls and ingredients that are increasingly available to us. The Gourmand was born as a means to share this exciting cultural shift and to celebrate food as a catalyst for creativity.

The Gourmand is the culmination of a journey which began with a dinner at their home with friends, many of whom have contributed to this issue. As they dined they discussed initial ideas for editorial, illustration and photography projects.

The creation of The Gourmand is a testament to the communicative power of food, and its inherent relationship with the arts.

Issue 3 is now ready for delivery in December