The Jelly Renaissance

The nostalgic trends keep coming, the latest of which we've covered in a recent foodwatching report - the 'jelly renaissance'. Most of the trend has been driven by millennials seeking a trip back to childhood, although jelly has stepped up its game, growing up and offering sophisticated adults flavour and amazing designs.

Behind the resurgence of jelly is the wider retro vibe that continues to grow, both socially and style-wise. The result is pastel pinks, bright colours and intricate fluted jelly moulds.

Adding to the nostalgia is the triple whammy of jelly being easy to make, visually striking and can be healthy too (amount of sugar dependent of course!). As such, home-style recipes have been flooding magazines and social media. If you're a fan of The Great British Bake Off, then you might also have been inspired by the stunning Japanese jelly cakes created on the show. This sparked a wave of jelly art in the UK and beyond.

Find out more about other factors leading to the jelly renaissance as well as the looks and flavours we've been seeing over on our foodwatching report here. The report is for Trendhub subscribers only. If you're interested in finding out more please contact us using the details below.