The Little Kitchen Harvest Begins Its Growth In The UK

Specialist micro plant cultivator The Little Kitchen Harvest is set to hit the UK marketplace with an exclusive range of innovative micro plants.

The unique plants have been developed to meet the current consumer trend of ‘micro leaf cuisine’ and produce a sequence of harvests in the comfort of your own kitchen.

The upcoming launch will focus on chillies and soon be followed by a series of selected micro herbs.

A company spokesperson stated:

‘Spice is trending strongly and consumers love the interaction of being able to grow and then cook with their own produce.

‘We’ve worked for two years on breeding our ‘specialist’ variety chilli pepper - to give tantalising heat but with zesty aromatics, so It’s a great hit of spice and flavour; perfect for Mexican or Thai cooking but versatile enough for soups and sauces.’

Each micro plant is complemented with a bespoke ceramic pot that is magnetised so that it can fit safely to the side of a fridge or any other magnetic surfaces in the kitchen.

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