The New Way To Catch Your Attention - Scented Advertisements

Brands are using a new way to reach out to consumers with scented adverts designed to appeal to a whole new sensory organ. If you were walking through Oxford Circus tube station last month and noticed a sweeter smell in the corridors, or you may have seen the poster of chocolate fudge cake emanating a tasty aroma at Tottenham Court Road.

Pernod Ricard immersive underground campaign saw huge pink posters launching the new strawberry-infused Beefeater Pink Gin, with the posters themselves emitting a sweet strawberry smell to capture the attention of passers-by - a welcome respite from the usual smells that develop underground that's for sure.

HarperCollins publishers launched a similar stunt just not far away in Tottenham Court Road with a scented bus stop advert appealing to people to smell the poster of a chocolate fudge cake which advertised the launch of the new BOSH! plant-based cookbook by Henry Frith and Ian Theasby.

News Corp Australia scented over 800,000 newspapers to promote their new The Great Night in Family Movie Collection which launched earlier this year. See their behind the scenes videos for more.