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We're delighted to announce our first e-book: "The Next Normal – COVID-era 4 Months That Changed The World of Food & Drink", the proceeds of which go directly to the TFP Foundation & Chefs in Schools.

This 127 page e-book is a compendium of trend manifestations and future predictions made during the COVID-era, covering the social & cultural impact, the food & beverage mega trends, cuisines and observations both in retail and foodservice. Each of the sub-chapters link to a supporting video on YouTube.

In buying this e-book you are supporting the TFP Foundation which has been set up to shift food, health and education for future generations. The first beneficiary of the TFP Foundation is Chefs in Schools. Click Here To Find Out More

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From the purchase of this e-book, the TFP Foundation will be donating £19.00 directly to Chefs in Schools.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic posed a staggering health and humanitarian challenge in all areas of life. Not only has it been a devastating public health crisis; it has also been one of the food industry's biggest ever challenges.

Right from the onset of the pandemic, we set to work developing a predictive look at how our fundamental relationships with food and drink were likely to change, as a result of the pandemic. In addition, we published summaries of the top shifts in foodservice and food retail - as well as the most influential cuisines of the COVID-era.

In publishing this e-book, we wanted to bring all of the learnings we gathered together, in one place, as a record of what we observed and the shifts that we predicted. This also acts to honour all of those effected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and as an 'aide memoire' for the industry should this (or worse) happen again.

So join with us and support the TFP Foundation and Chefs in Schools to shift food, health and education for future generations.