The oldest bar snack "made over"!

Typically a greasy, salty snack sold in pubs and called pork scratching, Mr Trotters Crackling take scratchings take it to a whole new level. So much so, they’re only available in Selfridges.
Now that should give you some idea of how good they are. They have been developed by food writers Tom Parker-Bowles and Matthew Fort alongside Cotswold farmer Rupert Ponsonby.
What sets these apart are that they are made from British pork rind, rather than Danish, which every other pork scratching sold in the UK is made of.
The key to a good pork scratching, is the crunch; Mr Trotter’s have been developed using a slow cooking process which enhances this.Then they take out the MSG and replace it with sea salt and a ‘special seasoning’.
This truly British snack is out there to support British pig farmers and encourage more British products.
Available exclusively from all Selfridges, Mr Trotter’s costs £1.89 per pack.