The Rising Cost Of Living

The global cost of living increase is having a major effect on the everyday lives of millions of people, but brands, chefs and influencers are on hand to provide tips, hacks and ideas for us all to save money when it comes to food. We've explored this general rising cost of living topic in a recent foodwatching report which covers energy, meal planning, health, waste and more.

Now, saving money is nothing new, with many of the trends influencing food and drink in the past few years also providing wallet-friendly food solutions. Think anti-food waste ideas, hero-ing leftovers, meal planning, or recreating your favourite restaurant dish at home for a fraction of the price. Tiktok and Instagram influencers are adding a friendly and fun twist to such a serious subject, with short and sweet videos and accessible ideas for all, from foraging for free food to easy recipe hacks.

Charles Banks, tfp co-founder, commented on the topic: "The cost-of-living crisis is the single biggest domestic issue that we're facing as a country and it is incredibly concerning. It's coming from all angles for consumers and industry, with exponential increases in energy, transport, fuel and commodities. It's a reality, despite efforts by the chancellor this week, that increasing numbers of people are having to choose between food and fuel – freezing or going hungry.

"If we look at the behaviours already being displayed by consumers we're seeing increases in batch cooking, long term meal planning, one pot cooking, pantry cooking, zero waste hacks and low energy cooking – we've seen examples of food bank reliant families turning down potatoes because of the relative high energy cost of preparation - this is a desperately concerning situation only exacerbated by the devastating war in Ukraine."

trendhub subscribers can discover the full foodwatching report in full here where we explore ways of being more cost effective with your food and cooking. If you want to find out more about accessing this and other trendhub reports and content, get in touch using the links below.