The School Dinner Cake Revival

On the day that schools return after a long anticipated wait during the latest lockdown, we take a look at the resurgence of the now trending School Dinner Cake.

We've seen many a sweet treat trend emerge during COVID as we all look for home comforts, while many people have turned their hand to baking during this time too. Sometimes it doesn't need to be about the complex and extravagant bakes, and the School Dinner Cake is a great example of this - one that has started blowing up on social media of late.

This simple yet tasty cake has been trending simply for the fact that its such a minimum fuss, maximum fun bake, with just three simple components - vanilla sponge, white icing and sprinkles.

The School Dinner Cake trend falls into two of our tfp Food & Drink Mega Trends for 2021-22:

Elevated - What is more 'everyday' than a simple traybake, indeed - one the whip up for school dinners! Well this simple everyday treat is being elevated into a gourmet treat for all ages.

The New Cocoon - Consumers are seeking comfort through nostalgia, cooking and sweet treats ... and retro school dinner cakes are all three, rolled into one (delicious) package. And simple to make too.

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