The Ultimate Thanksgiving Centrepiece - Sister Schubert's Tech-Savvy Bread Basket

As Americans prepare for Thanksgiving, Sister Schubert's, the baked goods brand, has developed the ultimate tool to help families disconnect from technology and reconnect with each other.

The Sister Schubert's Basket of Warmth is no ordinary bread basket. As the centrepiece to a holiday table, or any dinner table, the Basket of Warmth uses the very electronic devices that create distractions at dinnertime to keep freshly baked Sister Schubert's dinner rolls warm. Guests simply plug their devices into the basket itself during dinner. The devices stay safely tucked away under the basket while being charged.

"We hear from families all the time, who are craving the connection between people that has been overtaken by hand held devices, even at dinnertime," explains Kim Lyons, Sister Schubert's Brand Manager. "The Basket of Warmth is a reminder to all of us how important it is to disconnect, in order to reconnect with the ones we love. And there is no better time to bring that message to life than the holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving Day when families far and wide gather around the table."

While only a handful of Basket of Warmth prototypes exist, Sister Schubert's is hoping the idea will inspire families to bond over warm family meals. Numerous studies demonstrate the power of dinnertime to strengthen families, improve health and even help kids perform better in school.

As part of its #MakeAllDinnersWarm campaign, Sister Schubert's has created a series of family meal activities and plans to help spark conversations and connections during dinnertime. Find out more about the brand and its activities on the website here.