The Wes Anderson Craze Continues With A Themed Diner Coming To London

Wes Anderson themed content and takes have been all over social media of late and the trend is set to continue with a real life activation at London's 180 Strand with pop-up diner opening this June to celebrate the launch of the director's latest film, Asteroid City.

The location is set to feature an original setting in a real-life recreation of the film's diner, Luncheonette. As described on the exhibition's website: Curated and presented by 180 Studios and Universal Pictures, the exhibition features original sets, props, costumes and artwork that capture Anderson's signature style, visuals and sounds, as well as provide an opportunity to dine out at the film's iconic 1950s diner, which will be recreated onsite.

This isn't the first time 180 Strand has collaborated with Anderson to bring one of his film concepts to life, with the cafe from The French Dispatch being recreated previously on site.

You can bet that the social media content coming out of the new immersive pop-up will be plentiful. Find out more about the venue here.