thefoodpeople are on instagram - @foodwatching

You can't leave the house without seeing someone taking a snap on their phone, whether it's the food that they are eating or the outfit they are wearing - we are obsessed with our own, and everyone else's, lives and Instagram has become the perfect platform for our nosiness and self-indulgence.

From Beyonce and Jay Z's documentation of their #22daysvegan, to the not-so-famous- in that brand spanking new, I-stood-in-line-for-over-an-hour independent café, taking a picture of their Sunday brunch or even the mug of Assam tea I'm drinking at my desk this very minute! Instagram captures it all.

With over 150 million users, 16 billion photos shared and 1 billion ‘likes’ happening everyday we had to get in on the Instagraming action. Our account @foodwatching is the perfect way for us to share with you visual snippets of current food trends, foodie travels and yummy meals around the world, right at the very moment we see it.

So, if you already have Instagram follow our account @foodwatching and if you don’t now is the perfect opportunity to join the social networking world, simply download the Instagram app, for free, and start taking fabulous photographs of your own - as well as following us of course!

WARNING! Instagram can be addictive - thefoodpeople holds no responsibility if picking a filter becomes the most stressful part of your day, or you end up constantly checking your phone to see if your photos have any new 'likes' or your day becomes a never-ending stream of scrolling .... you can't say we didn't tell you!