thefoodpeople Breaks The 100,000 Pound Mark For TFP Foundation Donations

We're delighted that since formation in 2020, we've now donated over £106,000 through The TFP Foundation and we couldn't have done it without your support.

The primary beneficiary of The TFP Foundation is the charity Chefs In Schools, an organisation that's truly shifting the dial in school food provision and food/health education in over 80 schools across the UK, reaching over 35k children and serving over 4.5m delicious and nutritious meals every year.

To celebrate the hugely rewarding ongoing collaboration between thefoodpeople and Chefs In Schools, tfp co-founders Charles Banks and Wayne Edwards recently took a trip down to The Grove School in Totnes to see first-hand the difference a step changed food program in schools and full tummies has on children's ability to learn and focus. It also has a huge effect on their short and long term health outcomes, then there's also the joy and enthusiasm for food at lunchtime.

Speaking of the visit this March, Charles said: 'The excitement for lunch was palpable, young people so excited by what chef Marco had cooked for their lunch – on the day it was home-made, hand-stretched pizza. What struck me most was that kids were piling on homemade curried hummus, roasted vegetable salad, home-made focaccia and celeriac remoulade to their plates as well - wow. Hats off to Hilary, the head teacher, for being brave, bringing food provision in house and putting the nutritional, educational and life skill needs of the 300+ pupils first. It's more than paid off!'

Wayne added: 'Food is education. It not only brings food related knowledge to children, but also a love of food, the ability to make healthy choices and the skills to cook for themselves and others, thereby providing life skills for them and our society. Food education involves more than textbooks and facts to remember, it is the skills and knowledge gained through the process of participating in planting, harvesting, cooking, identifying, tasting, eating together and enjoying both meals and the company of others around a table. Unfortunately this is not delivered for the majority of our young people today nor is food education a priority in this country and frankly this is a disgrace but it doesn't have to be this way. Chefs in Schools are on a mission transforming food and food education school by school, plate by plate. We were privileged to visit Grove School, to experience first hand how food education excellence is possible and the transformational impact that it is having on the lives of 300 plus children, their school and the wider community. Truly humbled and inspired to see how by championing change we will continue helping shift the future of food in our schools.'

We donate 1p in every £1 of revenue via the TFP Foundation. We also give content, time and run specific fund raising projects, as well as bringing the power of thefoodpeople community, to ensure that we shift food provision and food education for future generations by partnering with aligned charities.

You can also do your bit too by buying a copy of our new 18 Years In Food & Beverage Trends EBook, from which £24 of the £25 cost goes directly to the TFP Foundation and then on to our charity partners.

Find out more about the TFP Foundation here and Chefs in Schools here, as well as our latest EBook here.