thefoodpeople Food and Beverage Trends Framework for 2017-18

At thefoodpeople we've worked with our global trends network to develop a food and beverage trends framework for 2017-18.

What's driving trends?

Underpinning the food and drink mega trends for 2017 are 8 social and cultural trends build on one global driver – PURPOSE. We are all searching for purpose in our lives, to know that all that we are and all that we do has meaning. Purpose gives us direction and it motivates us. Why should we not expect the same things from the food and drink that we buy? Consumers are determined to make more purposeful choices with their buying power, purchasing with intention in order to create positive and valuable experiences.

Food and Drink Mega Trends

12 Global food and drink mega trends spanning Post-Modernist food & drink, Service Polarization, The World Stage, People's Revolution, King of the Carbs, Soothing Comforts, Ethical Eating, One Upon a Time, Wellness Your Way, Health the new Wealth, Revamping Run-Of-The-Mill and Getting Involved. These mega trends contain over 100 sub trends, but which will be the most talked about in 2017? Here's our view on the ones that we'll all be talking about during the next 12 months.

What will be Hot?

Dude Food 2.0 – Bro-tastic dude food which has traditionally been meat heavy is going through a change, keeping its classic characteristics of indulgent and generous and rich but becoming vegetable based instead

Carbs are Back – Hurrah! Interest and innovation in bread and pasta and all things carby are bringing them back to the table

Chili Knowledge – There is still a love of personalized hot hot hot, they know their Grim Reaper from their Gochujang!

The Sober Scene – Booze is no longer required for a good night or a good drink. With increasing numbers shunning alcohol, mixologists have upped the anti with non alcoholic offerings. Using modern techniques to create the same depth, complexity and theatre as alcoholic drinks but with none of the side effects.

Ageing – going beyond beef in ageing techniques, expect to see aged chicken, fish and butter

Nootropics – The latest buzz word in the world of functional food, drinks and supplements as consumers seek to be the most efficient, best version of themselves. Promising to make you smarter or at least protect and improve brain function they have wide appeal from the overachievers of Silicon Valley and the worried well conscious of age related degeneration.

Faux Food – Nothing is as it seems! Chefs and restaurants have been forced to embrace plant based eating and are pushing the boundaries creating clever, creative imitation meats to confuse and excite the senses.

Vegan – No longer the weird fussy and awkward diner, Vegans are now in vogue! There is certainly nothing bland or boring about the new wave of Vegan options.

Gut Health – Gut health is being recognized as key to overall health with many consumers paying closer attention to the foods and factors that negatively impact on their gut health. Interest in gut health is increasing the popularity of probiotics, fermented foods and digestive enzymes whilst also demonizing common allergens which can irritate.

Craft Spirits – Its happened in beer but now the spirit world is experiencing the craft boom. Like in many areas of food and drink, consumers are demanding spirits that are more authentic and less 'over produced'. Craft is also more likely to be seen as an experience which can be enjoyed without the negative associations attached to alcohol.

Second Life Re-Cycled – Reusing food waste to create new food products and services in food service and retail.

American Tropics – Vivid colours, florals and bold flavours are the latest tools chefs are using to differentiate themselves. Pacific flavours in a tropical melting pot, from Hawaiian tiki to a new wave of Mexican, Cuban sandwiches and Jamaican Jerk.

Warm Spice and Sweet Heat – Despite our love for fiery heat there is a new appreciation for balance and subtlety. Pepper, ginger, horseradish, turmeric, wasabi and chili coming to the fore and balancing heat with sweet.

Eating at Home – You can have anything your heart desires with minimal effort all in the comfort of your own home with the multitude of delivery services meals kits, personalization and at home chef apps make it even easier to cook and create at home.

Spotlight on Minerals – vitamins normally get all the limelight but the focus is shifting onto minerals. Our hectic modern-day lifestyles, stress stress stress, often depletes our mineral levels – re-mineralising with supplementation or how about some magnesium flakesin a hot bath!

Striking Colour Palette – Blue algae lattes, matcha green buns, purple ube cheesecakes, black breads as well as rainbow, our food and drink is becoming increasingly bold bright and beautiful thanks to interesting uses of both natural and artificial colours.

Foodie Chefs at Home – the advent of affordable and high tech cooking equipment and the proliferation of TV cookery has once again whipped up the booming interest in cheffing, allowing you to prepare restaurant quality food at home – well, with a little practice.

See the full 2016-2017 Hot Food & Drinks Trends infographic here.