thefoodpeople launch 2022 Chefs in Schools x TFP Foundation Challenge!

To raise awareness and funds for the fantastic and valuable work of our charity partners Chefs in Schools, as team TFP we'll be embarking on the 2022 Chefs in Schools x TFP Foundation Challenge!

During September & October, the challenge will see us, cycle, walk, run, swim or paddle the equivalent of the GB mainland coastline - some 7,723 miles!

We very much hope you, our friends, families, customers, clients and users – our TFP community, will support us and Chefs in Schools by sponsoring our challenge and our ambition to raise in excess of £10,000.

Naomi Duncan, CEO of Chefs in Schools, said of the challenge and collaboration: "I don't think there's ever been a more important time to invest in how we teach kids about food and the food that they are eating in schools. Last year, 4.3 million children were living in poverty and for many the meal they were eating in school was the only meal that they were eating in a day and on top of that in the poorest areas, one in three kids currently leave primary school with obesity - that figure is also getting higher.

"We have this opportunity in schools, 190 days of the year, to teach kids about food, to model a diet that is going to be better for them and better for the planet and to give them that kind of immediate nutrition they need as well as the joy and love that food can bring.

"At Chefs in Schools, we've spent the last four years perfecting a system where people who run school kitchens are empowered to educate kids about food, to share their knowledge and passion freely.

'We work currently with 65 schools across the UK, from Sheffield, to the depths of Cornwall and we're on a mission to improve school food, we want to reach more schools and more children everyday, as of September will be reaching about 30,000 children and we want to triple that over the next five years."

Please use this local giving page - - to give as generously as you can, if you're not able to support financially please just like, comment and share our posts and this page, to raise awareness of what we're doing and why.

Join us to greatly improve food quality, health and education for children and young people by supporting our challenge.

Thank you in advance – Chefs in Schools and thefoodpeople Team.

Find out more about Chefs in Schools and The TFP Foundation here.