thefoodpeople launch 3rd e-book - 16 Years in Food & Beverage Trends

In the wake of a series of complementary reviews from industry opinion formers and thought leaders, thefoodpeople are delighted to launch their 3rd e-book 16 Years in Food & Beverage Trends, with all proceeds going directly to the TFP Foundation & Chefs in Schools.

This encyclopedic e-book charts what has happened during this time, how food and drink has changed, what the bigger themes were and what from the past can we take into the future – it covers it all! We summarise the key takeout's and learnings, the influences for the future and using our unique trend archives, map the fine detail of the food and drink timeline from 2006 to 2021 - the products, services, restaurants, chefs, flavours, ingredients, colours, global events, the diets, the tech, the politics, the awards and much much more!

It's a fascinating read based on our forensic capture and mapping of global trend manifestations combined with the TFP Human Intelligence and our unique IP and methodologies.

In November 2020 we created TFP Foundation, partnering with affiliated charities and our community, to shift food, health and education to impact future generations. Since its launch we've raised over £43,000.

"We're absolutely delighted to be launching our 3rd e-book in aid of the TFP Foundation and our partner charity Chefs in Schools, who are an ambitious charity who are fuelling the future, by transforming school food and food education. The money raised by our commitment to a minimum 1% of revenue and sales of this e-book, make a real difference – Chefs in Schools, School by School programme is delivering clean, healthy, inexpensive, generation-powering, mind-opening, society-changing food into schools, as well as inspiring more schools across the country to follow their lead. By the end of 2021 the School by School programme was supporting 54 schools and reaching over 21,000 children, with many more schools lined up for 2022." - Charles Banks, Co-founder, thefoodpeople

"This is a fascinating jaunt through trends past and present. It provides not only a delightful trip down memory lane, but an insightful guide into the changing patterns, which will help you better plan for, and identify, the trends of the future. We're delighted to be continuing to develop our partnership with the TFP Foundation with the launch of this exciting e-book. By purchasing the book, you'll be directly improving the health of school children through better school food & education. Thank you for your support" - Naomi Duncan, CEO Chefs in Schools

The Gift That Gives! 16 Years in Food & Beverage Trends is the perfect encyclopaedic gift for colleagues in the industry or friends who share our obsession and love for food and drink. If you'd like to explore distributing multiple copies of the e-book with your team, clients, friends and family, please get in touch here.


We've already had some fantastic feedback, here are a few of the quotes. You can find more in the industry and opinion former reviews link below:

'A fascinating dive into the changing landscape of food and drink trends.' - Henry Dimbleby MBE

'As we challenge ourselves to think about how we systematically change the way we produce and innovate in the food industry this e-book provides the thought-provoking platform - look back to look forward.' - Breige Donaghy - Director of Product Development & Innovation, Tesco

'This is a fascinating dive into all the forces that have shaped what we have eaten and drunk over the last 16 years – not just the celebrity chefs, but the innovation, packaging, ingredients, and buzzwords. It's all here: the good, the gimmicky, the delicious and the downright weird. For anyone interested in food trends, this is an invaluable resource.' - Harry Wallop – BBC Consumer Journalist, Broadsheet Feature Writer, Columnist, and Broadcaster

'What a fascinating cornucopia of our recent food history! Many of my proteges from La Tante Claire have gone on to be at the forefront of gastronomy and shape the future of food, the funny thing is that they all started learning the classics, the building blocks of rustic French cuisine, the future is exciting but always has its roots in tradition – look to the past to look to the future!' - Pierre Koffmann – 3 Michelin star Chef & Restauranteur

We'd be grateful if you would join with us and support the TFP Foundation and in doing so the incredible and very necessary work that Chefs in Schools are leading and by sharing this story as widely as you possibly can.


You can purchase your copy of the 16 Years in Food & Beverage Trends here as well as downloading a 9-page taster.

Find out more about the TFP Foundation here and about Chefs in Schools here.