thefoodpeople launch categorywatching

thefoodpeople team are delighted (and pretty excited) to introduce categorywatching to you - covering emerging food and drinks trends through a category lens.

This is a deep dive into the emerging trends in food and drink through a category lens - from hot beverages and bakery to desserts, convenience meals, meat and snacking, whatever your food and drink category we'll have something for you. In addition, we'll also be covering key seasonal events such as Christmas, Easter, Summer, Valentine's and Halloween during the course of the calendar year. In total we'll be covering 25 categories and 5 seasonal events on a cyclical, beinnial basis.

These reports will be packed full of inspirational examples of trend manifestations from around the world as well as plain-speaking explanations of how, where and why trends are evolving as well as the opportunity areas. These will provide an invaluable source of insight at a directional category level, proving the perfect jumping-off point for workshops, innovation sessions, for further investigation or a comprehensive top-line overview for your team.

Our dedicated categorywatching team will be leveraging the tfp Global Trends Spotting Network to identify emerging, category-relevant trends from around the globe. These inspirational and thought-provoking reports are available as an additional annual subscription (in the same way as food-, drinks- health- and menuwatching), and will be available, like all other content from thefoodpeople, on trendhub. As with all trendhub content you'll be able search, clip into your own 'My Reports', star, share and comment with other users in your company.

Current trendhub subscribers will receive FREE access until your next subscription renewal. If you're interested in getting access to this service, please get in touch here.