thefoodpeople launch second e-book 15 Years In Food & Beverage Trends

We're delighted to announce our second e-book – 15 Year In Food & Beverage Trends – 2006 - 2020: what's happened, how has it changed, what defined these years, what does it mean for the future?

Since 2006, we've been leveraging our global network to meticulously and rigorously map food and drink trends around the globe, combining this with our unique TFP 'human intelligence' to report on and predict monumental shifts in our food and drink landscape. This e-book summarises the key takeouts and learnings, the influences for the future as well as mapping the fine detail of the food and drink timeline from 2006 to 2020 - the products, services, restaurants, chefs, flavours, ingredients, colours, global events, the diets, the tech, the politics, the awards and much much more!

Click here for an 8 page sneak peak of the e-book.

The TFP Foundation which has been set up to shift food, health and education for future generations will donate £24.00 from the sale of each e-book to Chefs in Schools.

Charles commented 'our new e-book provides a clear map as to where we are in the evolution of food & drink. It will spark ideas and stimulate thoughts, helping you to see the bigger forces that have enabled change in the past and will do so into the future. If you work in the industry or just share our obsession and love for food and drink, this fascinating and thought provoking read is just for you! What's more is in buying a copy, you're supporting the TFP Foundation'.

Get your copy here to see how food and drink has shifted over the last 15 years and our thoughts on the next 15 years!

Enjoy and be inspired to shift the future, with 15 years In Food & Beverage Trends.