thefoodpeople loves - our favourite places to eat and drink, August 2019

The weather hasn't been the best, but holidays this August have meant that everyone's keeping the Vitamin D topped up but more importantly we've been exploring new towns and cities for places to eat and drink. True to fashion, here's a list of some of the best places we've stopped at over the past month in our latest tfp loves list. In no particular order:

Kava, Marbella

Sophie says:

A relatively new addition to Marbella, Kava brings some much-needed substance to a dining scene that often focuses too much on style. The simple, modern décor features choice touches of the orient and beyond, hinting at the globally inspired nature of the menu. East meets West and everything in between in dishes such as scallops with Filipino ceviche juice and kaffir, roasted cauliflower with XO, or Iberian pork with Cantonese curry. Even if the inspiration is global, ingredients are locally sourced - with all the complex flavours on the menu, I couldn't get over the creaminess of the house made goat butter accompanied by sourdough.

Morty and Bob's, Coal Drops Yard, London

Kateline says:

After slowly working my way around all the foodie spots in Coal Drops Yard I am on my second circuit and Morty and Bob's is definitely the one to return to. With seats out front and out the back and a fair amount of space inside, this no reservations restaurant will normally find you a table anytime of day. I can vouch for the brunch options with the generous mushrooms on toast and the runny yolk-filled brunch bun. The hero of the menu is their flavourful cheese toasties which come with caramelised onion, mushrooms and truffle or the special of the day.

Mhor Bread, Callander Scotland

Scott says:

Nothing prepares you for a trip through majestic Scottish Trossachs than a stop at the fantastic Mhor Bread in Callander. Set up by chef and all round nice guy Tom Lewis, this slice of baking heaven is a must for all lovers of all things baked. There is too much going on in this double front shop to go into too much detail, suffice to say everything on offer is fresh, well crafted and packed full of flavour. For me it is the pies – flaky, rich and create just the right amount of mess. Or is it a slice of the 2 foot long, daily changing ciabatta sandwiches. No, it is the crisp, retro apple turnover, or it is the giant get the picture.

The Larachmhor Tavern, Pittenween, Scotland

Tom says:

On walking past the tavern you'd easily mistake it for a quiet, unwelcoming local pub however once you step in smell the locally sources fish straight from the fishing boats moored right outside your opinion will soon change. The simple, fish-heavy menu was described to us with what was the freshest from the boats that morning, and a good selection of ales to accompany the enormous seafood platter that was presented to us for lunch was enough to keep me happy for the rest of the day.

National Burger Day Party, Hawker House, London

Shak says:

Loved the slider sized Dexter cheeseburger (aka The Tasty Little Mouthful) from the Four Legs team at this year's National Burger Day Party (held at Hawker House)... The perfect marriage of aged beef, zingy sauce, crisp salad and Emmental cheese.

La Plancha D'Ilbarritz, France

Fiona says:

My favourite place by far, laid back surf vibes with exquisite tasting food overlooking the beech. The fish is perfectly cooked and tastes fresh from the sea (the seabass was huge!)! So popular that booking is not an option, so 100% worth being on time to secure a table!

Halo Burger, Pop Brixton, London

Abbey says:

It's all well and good to go for a gourmet burger with 4 giant chips and an artisan bun, but we all know that sometimes you need some proper junk food. If you veggie or vegan that isn't always the easiest thing to find, but Halo Burger have stepped in with the help of the Beyond Burger patty, some American-style vegan "cheese" and skinny fries to recreate everything that's great about an end-of-the-night burger.

Arcade Food Theatre, London

Lizzie says:

Quite simply my pick of the month for eating out and about was the Oklava Black Sea Pide with cheese and egg yolk at London's Arcade Food Theatre.

The Willett Arms, Wimbourne, Dorset

Kate says:

Spit roasted chicken, with lemon and garlic confit, aioli, fries & jus. With visions of a French bistro, the jus was deep and rich in flavour with a delicate aioli for dipping chicken and fries. The chicken had a crispy skin and moist meat, a bit of salad would have finished the dish perfectly.