thefoodpeople loves - our favourite places to eat and drink, January 2020

Having recovered from the post-festive malaise, no doubt caused somewhat thanks to the over-indulgence we all tend to partake in during Christmas, we have looked back upon our first month of a new decade and the places we have enjoyed dining as we battle the January slump many of us fall into.

Kindling Restaurant, Brighton

Ryan says:

Newly opened in Brighton centre is Kindling, from the team that created Food For Friends, one of Brighton's many vegetarian restaurants. Kindling however, offers up a multi meat, vegetable and fish menu focusing on the best local and sustainable ingredients, mainly cooked over fire. Kindling's head chef, Holly, is also a qualified nutritionist, so a balanced menu brings light, tasty ingredients together with a few indulgent dishes. For something a little different, their crispy fish bones appetisers are a big flavour, crunchy opening, made from ingredients normally going to waste.

Mercato Metropolitano, London

Abbey says:

What better antidote to a dreary January evening than a trip to Mercato Metropolitano in Mayfair? Set in a beautiful church building, I opted for a simple fresh pasta with tomato sauce which was absolutely delicious, followed by the gelato I had been eyeing since arriving. One scoop of peanut butter and one scoop of chocolate later and you could almost believe you were somewhere in the Med, if it wasn't for the rain lashing down outside!

MhZh, Los Angeles

Shak says:

Eating meat-free has never been so easy! Hats off to MhZh in Los Angeles for this plant based feast of fire roasted crispy potatoes, hummus with brown butter, herb salad and pickles

Drift Café, North Berwick

Scott says:

Perched on a cliff beside the historic Tantallon Castle near Edinburgh is Drift Café. They offer homemade cakes, scones, soup, French toast - and an epic bacon and egg roll. Just enough to distract you from the breath-taking views of the Bass Rock and the Firth of Forth – for a moment at least.

The Good Egg, London

Fiona says:

Absolutely delish…For me anything with runny eggs and pickles is a winner! Great middle eastern food on offer, the dishes were beautifully balanced with authentic flavours. Well worth a visit!

Up In My Grill, Vinegar Yard, London

Kateline says:

Vinegar Yard is a great outdoor spot for after work drinks and the food stalls are just as perfect for the occasion. Up In My Grill always has a queue and always cooks the steak perfectly. My personal recommendation would be to make the frites of your steak frites the fondue version where they smother the fries with cheesy sauce before serving! Get there before they sell out and enjoy lashings of their chimichurri sauce