thefoodpeople Q4 Update Report Now Live

Our latest quarterly reports are out, covering foodwatching, drinkswatching and healthwatching for October to December 2019. Take a look at the reoccurring themes that we've identified over the three months at the end of the last decade.

You can read the reports via the links below - but only if you have a trendhub subscription. Not yet subscribed? Get in touch today.

foodwatching - identifying some of the key themes that made an impact in the food sector, we've highlighted Technology, Environment, Any Time Any Place and more. Read the full report here.

drinkwatching - countless products, developments and innovations hit the market last year in the beverage sector. To highlight some of the most recurring themes, we've shone a light on Plant-Based, Low/No-Alcohol, Fun with Flavour and much more. Read the full report here.

healthwatching - We've identified a combination of brand new themes and recurring topics that have made an impact on us over the latter half of 2019. From Five a Day, to Who Need Meat; Dairy 2.0, to Healthy Me Healthy World; take a look at the topics we've reported on in our Q4 healthwatching report here.