thefoodpeople share their favourite Christmas products

Pounding the pavements in the bitter cold, looking for those unique and innovative products are all part of the course at this time of the year for thefoodpeople.

In 2011 the themes range from stark white to flamboyant feathers and pastel tones to natural and paired back, so something for everyone.

We’ve seen some truly innovative and interesting products all helping consumer to either make Christmas easy, create a wow or surprise or just to share festive cheer. We couldn’t possible list them all but here are just a few of our favourites…

  • Bring a little sparkle to the Christmas day breakfast table with delicious glittering marmalade by Harrods. Mouth-watering orange and zesty lime is dressed with edible glitter to create a truly unique treat. Harrods Glitterati Orange and Lime Marmalade with Edible Glitter (227g) £8.95.
  • Beautiful formed sugar decorations from Canusac, they look simply too good for dropping into coffee!
  • Fortnum and Mason "make with the kids" gingerbread house - We defy anyone not to have fun making (and eating) this beautiful property!
  • The ‘Quick Cooker’ Pudding Bowl from Liberty’s - Something Mrs Beeton would have loved in her stocking! A ceramic lid to sit on the top of your Xmas pud enabling the centre of it to cook in half the usual time, and every part thoroughly.
  • Cookie Advent Calendar - Lovely hand-decorated festive cookies, each with their own pocket in a linen calendar.
  • Chocolate Jigsaw Puzzle - From Paul A Young, this is available in milk, white or dark chocolate.
  • Candles (with match!) - Not edible, but we loved this idea of including an emergency match on the side!
  • Brining Kit - Heston Blumenthal’s turkey crown for Waitrose even includes a brining kit so you can be sure of a succulent and tasty turkey cometh the hour. The kit has everything you need, including a brining bag, turkey crown and herb butter, as well as a rich gravy for that finishing touch.
  • Turkey Timer - Probably one of the greatest little gadgets we’ve seen all year: the legs go up when the bird is cooked!