thefoodpeople Visit Food Matters Live

We recently visited London's Food Matters Live exhibition, described as 'a global community where food, health and innovation meet'. The event focuses on food, drink, health and nutrition, and the relationship between the four. We recapped our thoughts over on the trendhub, but wanted to give you a feel here of what we saw and what key trends were on display.

The Next Generation
There was an abundance of products and initiatives aimed at the next generation, from healthier snacks to combining education and food.

Something that we've covered recently at fair length, and continue to raise its head, is the fermented thirst-quencher Kombucha. It was so popular at the show that it had it's own Kombucha corner.

Natural Energy
Energy boosting drinks made from natural ingredients such as green coffee, guayusa leaf tea or cocoa are designed to give a sustained boost without the jitters. Brands that caught our eye were Flyte, Chokkino and Yusa Energy Tea.

Read the full report with all of our findings over on our trendhub here.