There's A New Kellogg's Cereal Cafe Coming To London

There's a new cereal café coming to London this month, as Kellogg's opens up a four day pop-up where customers can choose from 25 different cereals at the Kombos Pop Up in Shoreditch.

From this Thursday, 26th October through to Sunday, cereal fans can create their dream bowl combining different varieties all in one. With up to 300 different combinations available, visitors can then choose their milk to complete the bowl before enjoying their creation whatever time of day they choose, not just for breakfast. And what's more, it's free with the cafe accepting walk-ins only.

The previously successful Cereal Killer Cafe, the original of which was based not far away in Spitalfields, allowed cereal fans to choose from a range of various branded breakfast cereals, but to be enjoyed individually rather than the mash up combination style that Kellogg's Kombos Pop Up is going for here.