There's a New Leader of the UK's Fastest Growing Favourite Fruit

Move over pineapple; statistics from Tesco this summer have revealed that melon is the UK's fastest growing favourite fruit. In the last year demand for melons has grown by 13%, with the Yellow Honeydew variety by far the most popular, accounting for a third of all UK sales.

The fruit has become so popular that the British supermarket chain now stocks 10 different varieties, including new falvours that Tesco has worked on with its supplier including Sweet Snowball – super sweet and distinctive because of its white flesh and very pale green, flecked skin; Sweet Tangy Twist – an orange fleshed melon with a hint of citrus; and Finest Sunkiss – a variety of the Honeydew family with pale orange flesh.

With last year's warm weather listed as the driving force for the increase in sales, Tesco melons buyer Joe Baines said: “Traditionally melon sales grow during the summer and then fall in the winter months but this didn't happen last year as the autumn and winter were so mild. Since last summer sales have continued to soar.

“But we also know from customer research that melons, like pineapples, are now seen as value-for-money healthy centre piece desserts that can help kids eat more fruit."

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