There's a New Line Of 'Clean Energy' Iced Teas From ECOTEAS

After sixteen years in the organic tea business, US-based ECOTEAS is launching a long-awaited line of ready-to-drink iced teas at the Natural Products Expo West trade show this week (booth 3878) in Anaheim, California, March 10-13. The energising beverages feature expertly-brewed organic-certified herbal ingredients with no extracts or concentrates. What's more, the entire line is 100% unsweetened.

Health-conscious consumers needing an energy boost can already find ECOTEAS 'clean energy' drinks hitting the shelves at Natural Grocers, Whole Foods Market (Northwest), and Co-ops in the West. Alternatively, consumers can browse and shop ECOTEAS' full product line at its newly re-launched wholesale and retail website, and get 10% OFF thru 3/31/16 with promo-code MARCHBUZZ10.

According to the preeminent Natural Foods Merchandiser trade magazine, ECOTEAS is "on-trend" with its decision to keep sugar out of its formulas. The October 2015 issue of NFM featured ECOTEAS Mate Flower with Hibiscus in its article about new beverages hitting the market that are responding to consumer demand for 'clean energy' drinks that are not loaded with sugar.

ECOTEAS is best known in the U.S. for popularizing the energy herb, yerba mate ( yair-buh mah-tay), a naturally caffeinated and nutritious tea made from the leaves of a South American holly tree. ECOTEAS has built its core business as a leading supplier of bulk loose yerba mate. Now the company brews its signature yerba mate and bottles it for grab-n-go consumers.

Yerba Mate is enjoyed as a:

  • Fitness tea
  • Weight management aid
  • Study aid
  • Antidote to office fatigue
  • Natural source of caffeine, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals

Many people find yerba mate's energy boost to be less-jittery and longer-lasting than coffee's. Find out more about the products at the official website here.