TikTok Shop Launches Wellness Category With Mainstream Brands

Social media platform TikTok has paired up with a range of leading brands in health and wellness to launch a new retail category on the platform. Holland & Barrett, WellGuard and MyProtein are amongst the names onboarded within the new category which has seen a huge amount of engagement, with more than 9.6 billion views for #wellness and 11 billion views for #nutrition.

TikTok Shop also provides a fantastic opportunity for growing businesses to tap into these trends, with brands like Hair Gain, 33 Fuel and Zooki all joining the Wellness category.

Erica Pole, CEO & Founder of 33 Fuel said: "TikTok has been an incredible platform for 33Fuel to connect with the fitness community and showcase our all-natural sports nutrition products in a fun, creative, and engaging way. By collaborating with creators and influencers, we've been able to reach new audiences and promote our products in unique and exciting ways. The direct sales feature through the TikTok Shop made it incredibly easy for new and existing customers to find and purchase our products without ever leaving the app.

"TikTok gives us the opportunity to build a strong community of loyal customers who believe in our mission and products. By making the most of TikTok's suite of editing tools, we've also been able to stand out in a crowded market.

"We are excited to continue growing our presence on the platform in the future. TikTok has been a major asset for 33Fuel and we couldn't be happier with the results we've seen so far."

Lucy Palmer, founder of Hair Gain also commented: "We're excited to have launched our award-winning range of hair supplements, topical hair treatments and accessories on TikTok Shop. Our mission is to help the thousands of women who suffer from hair loss while encouraging discussion and breaking down the taboo of hair loss, so that no one feels they have to go through it alone. We look forward to developing a meaningful relationship with TikTok's phenomenal HairTok community."