Tipsy Desserts

A full time Chemist by day and "ice cream lady" by night, Brigid Calloway has exceeded imaginations by combining distilled spirits with ice cream. Made using 100% organic coconut milk, these high-proof frozen goodies not only get you "tipsy", but they also taste delicious

With flavours ranging from '99 Banana's Pudding' to 'Sangria Cheesecake', The Tipsy Dessert Bar became a city favourite. By giving away so many samples and sponsoring countless events, these 'drunken desserts' became a fan favourite.

"I just was sitting at my desk one day and decided I was going to figure it out," commented Calloway. "So I studied ice cream for years. I then took it to the streets and realized I had something. Soon people were contacting me asking me how to get their hands on it. I knew I had to bring Houston a physical location."

Kickstarter is the largest funding platform for creative entrepreneurs. This is the best way for them to engage with their audience driving more meaning behind the project. As soon as The Tipsy Dessert Bar was completed, Brigid Calloway knew Kickstarter was the perfect funding strategy.

"My campaign on Kickstarter is more than just a idea. It's something that I love to do. I love culinary arts and I love aspects of science. What could be better than the two combined. My recipes are inspired by my favorite desserts with a twist," said Calloway. "My mission is to simply be able to create a unique desirable space where adults can come, socialize while listening to great music while enjoying frozen desserts that can, well, get you tipsy!"

The Tipsy Dessert Bar