Toffee Break Desserts voted Best Toffee in America

Toffee Break Desserts, a suburban Chicago-based artisanal toffee maker, was recently awarded Best Toffee in America by The Taste Awards. 

The Taste Awards are a premier broadcast show celebrating the best in food, fashion and home lifestyle programs in television, film, online and radio.  A panel of 18 judges ranked the 18 toffee finalists in five categories: best packaging, best ingredient combinations, best taste, best texture and top toffee for The Taste Awards.  In addition to being selected as Best Toffee in America, Toffee Break Desserts also took home awards in most categories, including best taste, best texture and best ingredient combinations.  You can't ask for more ....

Tickle your toffee taste buds with these tempting treats;

Traditional Toffee: Their Signature Toffee covered with milk chocolate and freshly roasted almonds.

Cookies N Cream Toffee: The toffee flavour that founded Toffee Break Desserts! A marriage of cookies and toffee.

Raspberry Toffee: A divine mingling of raspberry into their Signature Toffee makes for an intoxicating encounter.

Mocha Latte Toffee: Newest toffee flavour to hit the Toffee Break Scene!  Their Signature Toffee is espresso infused to create a creamy and divine latte.

Streusel Toffee: The flaky pastry, milk chocolate and toffee are simply delicious!

Pretzel Toffee: The perfect combination of salt and sweet is found here. Miniature pretzels are bathed in their Signature Toffee.

White Snow Toffee: Become lost in white chocolate drifts covering their Signature Toffee, pretzels, peanuts and krispies with a soft blanket of confectioners sugar.