Toilet Roll Cakes

Lots of unexpected things are happening at the moment, though once such bizarre occurrence which does stand clear of the rest is the Toilet Roll cake. The novelty baked good is becoming a hit during COVID-19, one which people are keen to recreate and place upon their social media immediately.


It is generally acknowledged that the trend itself was started in Germany when Schurener Backparadies made several in an attempt to catch people's imagination during a difficult lull. Since then it now churns out over 200 cakes a day and struggles to keep up with the daily demand.

Going Global

Home bakers were immediately on the case in their attempts to recreate the Toilet Roll cake, soon producing online tutorials to share their unique attempts and expertise. Ronttosrouva of Helsinki attributes its survival as a bakery to this creation in particular, having launched mid-April it now has hundreds of orders, which has resulted in two brand new hires.


All in all, the cake itself is a creation to make people smile and cause a chuckle during this difficult time. Some bakers have challenged one another to take things further still, adding in quilted patterns to match major brands and focusing upon hyperrealistic creations too.

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