Tokyo Lamington Unveils Nine Native Flavours

Tokyo Lamington of Sydney, Australia, has baked up nine new types of lamington to enjoy; incorporating a diverse range of native ingredients to produce a truly unique twist on this iconic treat.

By collaborating closely with Melbourne Bushfood, Tokyo Lamington founders Min Chai and Eddie Stewart have worked hard to harness these bold flavours and transform the ever popular sponge cake into a newly elevated dessert.

Speaking of the inspired creations, Chai said: "Native ingredients are known for being sharp, stark and distinct in flavour, often reflecting the landscape of their origin. Given the lamington's Australian icon status it seemed only right to pair this beloved cake with native herbs and spices to create the ultimate Australian dessert."

In total there are nine new flavours to choose from: OG Native Jam, Finger Lime Meringue, Chai & Pepperberry, Strawberry Gum & Cream, Lemon Myrtle Lime Bitters, Honey & Macadamia, Pepper Leaf & Vanilla, Davidson Plum & Chocolate, and Black Sesame & Wattle Seed.

Each of the flavours use ingredients sourced from Indigenous Communities, Wild Harvesters and Small Australian Farmers, ensuring that an ethical and sustainable supply is used.

Tokyo Lamington shall offer the new native menu for two weeks only, running until February 3rd.

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