Top 20 Innovations for 2020

The year has provided us all with many reasons to adapt in order to continue with our lives as best as possible. It has been a testing time to say the least, yet despite this, we have been able to witness the spirit of invention take hold like never before. With this in mind, we have selected our Top 20 Innovations for 2020, all of which have contributed to shifting the future of food and drink.

Carbon Negative Vodka - Air Co.

Avoca-Dough - M&S

AI Controlled Insect Farm - Better Origin x1

Algae at Home with the BioBombola - EcoLogicStudio

Scottish Blackthorn Sea Salt - Blackthorn Sea Salt

Liquid Egg - Cracked

100% Plastic Free Spirits Bottle - Diageo

Spectacular Science - Dr Oetker

24/7 Farm Shop Vending Machines

Climate Positive Burgers - Ground

Ice Cream Cakes - Ruby Ices

Kefir Salad Dressing - Trader Joe's

Green Tea as a Natural Preservative - Loveblock Wines

Bee-Free Honey - MeliBio Inc

Pumpkin Bagels - The Bagel Nook

Protein and Fibre Enriched Vegetable Rice - RightRice

Climate Friendly Protein - Solar Foods

Cold Brew Black Tea - Trader Joe's

Vegetable Charcuterie - The Ethicurean

On The Pass - Philip Warren Butchers

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