Tortilla Toaster Invention Aims to Bring Families Together

The Nuni Tortilla Toaster, an innovative new appliance designed specifically to toast tortillas, has officially launched a fundraising campaign on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, seeking to raise funds for an initial production run in autumn 2016.

Inventor and Founder Elliot Benitez and his team are seeking to raise $100,000 over thirty days of funding. Interested consumers are able to pre-order their choice of tortilla toaster from a variety of selections, including white, black, yellow, blue, and special edition red models. All contributions go directly toward funding the project, and contributors are encouraged to take advantage of special "early bird" prices significantly below the estimated MSRP value.

Benitez says the invention arose from a realisation he had when visiting his mother on a break from college between terms. Whenever the family ran short of tortillas at a meal, his mother would leave the table to prepare more. This bothered him enough to make a quick calculation, revealing that his mother had lost approximately sixty days over twenty years in preparing hot tortillas for the dinner table.

"Hispanic culture is also exceptionally tight-knit and family oriented," Benitez says. "Even after all the fun we have, at the end of the day the Nuni Toaster is about families getting to spend more time with one another. That's more important now than ever."

The Nuni Toaster's Indiegogo campaign is already underway, and though the Chicago startup has seen encouraging support from the internet community, Benitez notes that the campaign will need the support of tortilla lovers everywhere to help the creative invention reach consumers' kitchens. Contributors can pre-order their Nuni Toaster here or can visit to learn more.