Tortilla Wrap Hack

Move over banana bread, a new dish has taken over our lockdown kitchens, and this time it allows for no hold barred creativity. Yes, we are talking about the newest TikTok challenge - the Tortilla Wrap Hack.

Hack Attack

The basic premise is that you take a standard tortilla wrap and make a single cut to the centre. Then each quadrant of the tortilla is topped with a separate ingredient and the wrap is then folded to make a triangle. Once folded the wrap is toasted until crisp, ideally photographed for social medial and then munched.

First Bite

Now, there is some debate about where this viral dish started with some pointing to TikTok-er @ellcarter1 who shared a cheesy creation on New Year's Eve. Since clocking up over 6.3 million views. But, it hardly matters anymore - as it has become 2021's first, must cook, lockdown lunch.

Full English

The first iterations of the tortilla wrap hack were simple affairs - we are talking oozy cheesy numbers and melting marshmallow and Nutella gloopfests. But, it was not long before the training wheel came off and a whole set of sub- wraps popped out of tasty machines and onto our social media feeds. First up, of course, is the all-day breakfast wraps. Most feature wrap hack favourites - avocado and eggs, but don't discount anything when it comes to these brunch-time wrap attacks.

Family Favs

Two of the strongest drivers of the wrap hack movement are the store cupboard friendly and family favourite nature of the dish. Whether it is beans, fish fingers, pizza or sophisticated Croque Madame - there is room to create your own family-friendly, nostalgic wrap - anytime.

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